“Print is not dead!”

Print In Revolt is an exhibition celebrating and promoting the art of the print medium. Inspired by street art and protests, the identity takes the form of a print rebellion. The logo is based on a symbol of rebellion, the black flag. Using intentionally distorted type inspired by punk type collages and accidental pre-digital printing errors, the identity also hints on the natural usage, ageing, texture and imperfections that digital may never achieve.


PEYO is a playful, uppercase, geometric sans serif designed for display type uses such as headlines, posters and titles.

PEYO Regular (v.1) is available for free & for commerical use,
3 other weights are currently still in progress.



Inspired by Peter Saville's love of experimentation and abstract graphics. The project explores abstract graphics and the use of materials such as acrylic and saw-dust to represent the philosophy of the record company.

Press Kit, Outdoor Poster, Press Booklet, USB Album, Ticket, Poster, Badges.


Inspired by blueprints which are every transport invention's starting point, the infographic divides the contents into three parts. the past presented as a timeline of the transportation vehicles, present presented as a series of pop up facts and the future as technical drawing plans.


The stencil design explores an interpretation of the theme "Connect" through a series of posters. The design is inspired by the positive influence of skateboarding and it's culture. The design features a custom stencil characters "Huábǎn" which in translation, "skateboarding" and abstracted elements that represent the anatomy of a skateboard.

Stencil Silkscreened, Fluorescent Pink
2x Posters Print, 160gsm matt card
Greyboard Print


Holy Sabon is a typography poster on the typeface Sabon by Jan Tschichold. The poster incorporates concepts on the use of the typeface in the bible, based on a specimen of the Garamond type and often being described as the revival of Garamond.

As a popular use of the typeface was for the bible, the poster depicts Garamond as Mother Mary and Sabon as baby Jesus.


I’m Shannon Lim, a multi-disciplinary designer from a sauna called Singapore. I am currently in my final year of visual communication studies.
Currently available for any freelance projects or collaborations.
you can reach me at
Am always up for some chats, coffee, fist-bumps and high-fives!
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